Weather Forecast Courses


We will study what is happening in the atmosphere and the physical processes that shape the weather. By studying meteorology, you will get acquainted with the sources of weather forecast for yachtsmen, learn how to interpret them correctly, and also learn how to make your forecast according to external signs. After all, yachtsmen depend on the vagaries of nature, and an experienced sailor who knows external signs well can sometimes foresee the approach of a storm or hurricane by barely perceptible phenomena.

Learning with us is fun – join our team of enthusiasts today! 

Riviera Sailing Events’ instructors are going to teach you sailing according to your expectations and your objective of progress. Each training course guarantees a certified pedagogical approach including theory and sailing practice followed by debriefing.

Get rid of all the modern and sofisticated tools and find the GPS inside of you. Remember that as part of Human Kind, we live in a natural environment. We can locate ourselves in time and space only checking the sun and studying where shades are.

The boat license is valid throughout the European Union and allows you to drive small boats up to 20 meters long, without limitation on engine power, with up to 12 people on board. Our team can help you with getting your license – enquire today. 

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